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FutureProofing hosts Timandra Harkness and Leo Johnson asks guests: is ownership over?

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The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

How can we embrace collaborative consumption in our daily lives and move away from hyperconsumption? Why does collaborative consumption foster accountability and stronger connections between people? Find out in this interview from Aspire Magazine.


Accountants and lawyers have big problems

Why will professional services be disrupted by the collaborative economy? Rachel explains the reasons why in this writeup by the Sydney Morning Herald of her recent talk on “how peer-to-peer platforms are changing work, business and policy” hosted by Grattan Institute.


Sharing Economy Goes Hyperlocal With a Growing Market for Household Items

“Advocates are betting that people would willingly share those items if a neighbor asked for them. The 2008 recession and the ubiquity of the smartphone app seemed to trigger the ‘sharing economy’ revolution,” said Rachel Botsman, author of What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption.


‘Sharing economy’ ignored in Productivity Commission plan

“It’s a 20th Century way of thinking about jobs and the legacy issues associated with that rather than thinking about the future of labour and what that would look like” said Rachel Botsman when the Productivity Commission overlooked freelancers in the sharing economy.


Collaborative Economy – Future of Work?

Dorothy Dalton, CEO of 3Plus International, interviewed Rachel to talk about how the collaborative economy can offer flexibility and independence to the future of work in ways that most traditional corporate organisations cannot.