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Founding Fuel

Rachel Botsman on the collaborative economy

In this interview for CKGSB Knowledge, Rachel talks to Chris Russell about where the collaborative economy is heading and why it requires a fundamental shift in understanding.


Thinkers50 Radar

As part of the biennial ranking of the 50 leading management thinkers, Thinkers50 publishes a list of 30 thinkers who will do most to shape the future. Rachel Botsman was selected to be part of the list 30 thinkers who ‘have the potential to change the way we think about organisations and how they are run’.

CBS News

The sharing economy’s new frontier: Everyday clothing rental

CBS reporter Lauren White considers Gwynnie Bee as a new frontier for the sharing economy as it is subscription rental clothing service for women sizes 10 to 32–a market that has been overlooked by traditional businesses.

In this article, she explains what collaborative consumption is and why it came to be according to Rachel Botsman, as well as its other implications and usage.


The Business of Trust

Following the recent news that Volkswagen cheated emissions tests, a scandal that has dented the public’s faith in business, the editor of Management Today, Matthew Gwyther, interviews business leaders to examine what is trust and how important it is in business.

Founders Forum

Productivity of Idling

In this 10-year commemorative book, Founders Forum showcases view points of different thinkers and entrepreneurs plus timelines and infographics to show how the landscape of business and culture have changed in the last ten years.

The Bund

Car, Easy Room, Used Network and Shared office

In this interview, Rachel says that “the sharing economy will affect how people trust each other and this new trust mechanism, peer trust, will replace the trust placed in traditional institutions”.

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A New Lens

Cheung Kong Graduate Business School talks to Rachel to find out where the collaborative economy is heading and why it’s a transformational lens on how we trust, live, work, bank and consume.


The people have said yes to the sharing economy

The so-called sharing economy represents a macro-economic shift in business structures that impacts how we view assets and how we trust one another. With growth tipped to be $335bn from $10bn at present in Australia, what should governments, businesses and consumers know about this new economy?