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The Whatchamacallit Economy

With the term “sharing economy” under scrutiny, experts provide their opinions on what classifies as a true sharing economy platform and offer some substitutes for the term. 


Trust me – this changes everything

Rachel says that we’re just at the cusp of seeing the true potential of the collaborative economy to change value, access and trust.


Survey casts light on yawning ‘trust gap’ for banks

Adele Ferguson looks at Rachel’s speech “Trust Me, I’m a Stranger” to explain why there’s a powerful structural trust shift where people are moving away from trusting businesses such as banks towards distributed connected communities.


‘Trusted’ NRMA aims to become go-to drivers’ app

NRMA, the insurance stalwart has appointed international business expert Rachel Botsman to its board as a specialist director, as it explores entering the collaborative economy, with plans to offer shared services such as cars-to borrow or a ride-sharing platform accessible from a mobile app.


There’s No Such Thing as Flexible Work

In this article, Rachel explains that the way we trust each other has not advanced in parallel with the technology we have created and says, “Institutional trust isn’t designed for the digital age.”


Airbnb, Uber Try to Forget Alliance with DEMS

“Furthermore, on the worker side, the gig economy is lowering wages and benefits and shifting the economic risk onto workers. For young people, this is a threat to the future of their work, particularly if the gig economy model expands to other workplaces.”


Pathways: Notes from Session 4 of TEDSummit

In Session 4 of TEDSummit, Rachel discussed the fundamental shift in our societies away from an institutional model of trust and towards a distributive model. This new bottom-up model for trust is empowered by technology and is more local and accountability based.