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‘Sharing economy’ ignored in Productivity Commission plan

“It’s a 20th Century way of thinking about jobs and the legacy issues associated with that rather than thinking about the future of labour and what that would look like” said Rachel Botsman when the Productivity Commission overlooked freelancers in the sharing economy.


Collaborative Economy – Future of Work?

Dorothy Dalton, CEO of 3Plus International, interviewed Rachel to talk about how the collaborative economy can offer flexibility and independence to the future of work in ways that most traditional corporate organisations cannot.


What’s the Airbnb for Health?

RWJF spoke to Rachel to learn how drivers of a collaborative economy—waste, redundancy, untapped excess and more—may make areas of health and healthcare ripe for collaborative marketplaces that create empowerment, access, and efficiency.


41 lessons from Uber’s success

This article from the June 2015 issue of WIRED UK Magazine features industry experts including Rachel Botsman, Nir Eyal, Carlo Ratti, Richard Branson, and more.They share what we can learn from Uber’s success.


Trust and Consequences

In this episode, TED speakers explore our relationship with trust. Speakers featured are Charles Hazlewood, Simon Sinek, Rachel Botsman and more.


La Economia Compartida

“The collaborative economy is a model built on decentralized networks of connected persons, who create , distribute and consume value bypassing centralized traditional institutions ” according to Rachel Botsman. Read PDF: El Mercurio