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This is real business-model reinvention

Peer-to peer companies like Airbnb empower consumers to rewrite business models. Rachel Botsman, widely regarded as the thought leader behind the emerging collaborative economy, predicts that many more industries will face the same challenges now confronting the hotel industry, with financial services at the forefront.


Conscious Consumerism

It’s hard being a thoughtful consumer these days. There are so many things to consider. Rachel Botsman and Paul Smith are leading thinkers in this new world of exchange. They join Waleed Aly in The Drawing Room.


BBC Radio: The Sharing Economy

Home swaps, driving your neighbour’s car, private car parking in your drive, even renting your neighbour’s clothes. They are all part of a new style of collaborative enterprise in which nearly everyone can join and (maybe) make money: the ‘shared economy’.


The Sharing Economy Needs to Start Sharing Its Data too

Author Rachel Botsman, one of the preeminent writers on the sharing economy, shared this vision in a 2012 TEDGlobal talk. “It’s only a matter of time before we’ll be able to perform a Facebook- or Google-like search and see a complete picture of someone’s behaviors in different contexts over time,” she said.


Is peer-to-peer travel sharing for you?

“The story you read in the media — and often echoed by travel industry incumbents — is that it’s a Generation Y thing for price-sensitive travelers,” says Rachel Botsman