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BBC Radio: The Sharing Economy

Home swaps, driving your neighbour’s car, private car parking in your drive, even renting your neighbour’s clothes. They are all part of a new style of collaborative enterprise in which nearly everyone can join and (maybe) make money: the ‘shared economy’.


The Sharing Economy Needs to Start Sharing Its Data too

Author Rachel Botsman, one of the preeminent writers on the sharing economy, shared this vision in a 2012 TEDGlobal talk. “It’s only a matter of time before we’ll be able to perform a Facebook- or Google-like search and see a complete picture of someone’s behaviors in different contexts over time,” she said.


Is peer-to-peer travel sharing for you?

“The story you read in the media — and often echoed by travel industry incumbents — is that it’s a Generation Y thing for price-sensitive travelers,” says Rachel Botsman



If you think of the industrial age, it has centralized power, it has centralized wealth, it has centralized production and it has  centralized jobs. We’re now living in an age that I call distributed power, where power is moving to the edges, to networks, to individuals.


The sharer barer: Rachel Botsman on the new democracy

Rachel Botsman believes sharing is the new democracy. She tells Jasmine Gardner why she rents her baby kit, hasn’t owned a car for 14 years and teaches governments how to cut out middle men by shifting power to the people.


Loans That Avoid Banks

“Do we come full circle, where the middleman is the same institution we were trying to get away from?” says Rachel Botsman


The Sharing Revolution

Rachel Botsman is changing the way people think about what they consume.


The Sharing Economy

This could be as big as the Industrial Revolution in the way we think about ownership,” says Botsman