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Ted Global Talk: The Currency of New Economy is Trust

In this talk given at TED Global Rachel explains the real magic, that makes companies like Airbnb and Taskrabbit work – the power of technology to build trust between strangers and create what she calls ‘reputation capital’.

02 Emerging Collaborative Economy in Australia

The Emerging Collaborative Economy in Australia

Vision Critical in partnership with Collaborative Lab and Nine! Rewards, conducted the first-ever research to look at the uptake and enthusiasm for collaborative economy services in the Australian Market.

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Sharing’s Not Just for Start-ups, Harvard Business Review

What are the key opportunities to innovate in the collaborative economy? Rachel introduces her 5 pain-point framework and reveals how traditional organizations including GE, BMW and Marriott are applying collaborative thinking to meet emerging customer needs and create new sources of value.

Why law wont stop uber

Why the Law Won’t Stop Uber, Australian Financial Review

In 1865, the British government passed a law called the Locomotive Act to protect pedestrians and horse-drawn traffic. It stated that any car must have a crew of three: a driver, a stoker and a man to walk at least 55 metres ahead of the vehicle