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Tim Hwang

Industry hacker Tim Hwang builds FiscalNote to take on Bloomberg and Lexis-Nexis

How can Tim Hwang, a 23-year-old entrepreneur, disrupt the data intelligence industry with his start-up, FiscalNote? Learn about the chain of events that led Tim to build FiscalNote and learn how to adopt his outlook in this new monthly column in the Australian Financial Review, “Industry Hackers”, which explores the mindset of pioneers and entrepreneurs who see the world differently.


The Changing Rules of Trust in the Digital Age

There is a shift from trust in institutions to ‘peer trust’. This emerging type of trust greases the wheels of business, facilitates person-to-person relationships and changes the ‘real world’ behavior of people. And its power is being harnessed by both disruptive start-ups and massive brands.

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Wired for Wonder 2015

Digital technologies are changing how and whom we trust in ways that are disrupting many industries. Rachel explains why the currency of the new economy is trust and how we need to think differently about client experiences to build meaningful relationships and loyalty.  

Rachel Adobe 2015

Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2015

Collaborative business models from Lending Club to Airbnb to Uber are rapidly challenging and changing industries. Rachel gets underneath the disruption, making sense of the big shifts this new economy is creating and strategies for brands to get on the right sense of the ‘sharing’ transformation.

Trust Stack

Trust Stack

A new trust framework is emerging in the collaborative economy, the ‘Trust Stack’.

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Innotown 2015

Rachel explains why the currency of the new economy is trust and how the emerging ‘peer trust’ dynamic changes how people access things in the real world and creates communities not marketplaces.


Can the Sharing Economy Provide Good Jobs?

Rachel Botsman, currently teaching an M.B.A. course on the collaborative economy at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, says the sharing economy is transforming the labor market to the benefit of millions of workers. Andrew Keen, executive director of the Silicon Valley innovation salon Futurecast, says workers in the sharing economy are being shortchanged.


A bad review makes for good manners

What are the implications of review systems on how people behave on person-to-person driven platforms? What important questions does user data collection on these platforms pose to people?