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Can the Sharing Economy Provide Good Jobs?

Rachel Botsman, currently teaching an M.B.A. course on the collaborative economy at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, says the sharing economy is transforming the labor market to the benefit of millions of workers. Andrew Keen, executive director of the Silicon Valley innovation salon Futurecast, says workers in the sharing economy are being shortchanged.


A bad review makes for good manners

What are the implications of review systems on how people behave on person-to-person driven platforms? What important questions does user data collection on these platforms pose to people?


The hottest new job in the C-suite

A lot of organizations are bringing in chief digital officers to oversee innovation and technology.But what do chief digital officers do? And what is the measure of their success?


Stronger Together: From a Post-It to a Global Movement

Rachel challenges the Jewish Community to devise ways to tap underutilized assets in their communities just like companies such as Airbnb and Lyft do.

Filmed at The General Assembly of Jewish Federations

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Making Sense of the Collaborative Economy

Nesta UK in collaboration with Collaborative Lab, aims to answer some big questions regarding this new economic activity, focusing on the UK context.