How is trust built, lost and restored in the digital age?


In addition to writing two highly acclaimed and influential books, Rachel regularly contributes thought pieces, op eds, interviews, research, and quotes and for the media on the subject of trust and technology.

Media outlets that have extensively covered Rachel’s research and ideas include the Harvard Business Review, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Guardian, Fast Company and more. Rachel is a contributing editor for Wired and wrote a monthly column in the Australian Financial Review on the mindset of entrepreneurs. More Writing

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Co-Parenting With Alexa

In the future, the question won’t be “Should we trust robots?” but “Do we trust them too much?” In this essay adapted from the book “Who Can You Trust”, Rachel introduces a bot, “Alexa”, to her daughter to understand how quickly we trust robots and why should we train our children to not trust so easily.

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Rachel is a thoughtful and humorous storyteller who specialises in simplifying big complex ideas that help people better understand the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

With 3.5 million views of her TED talks and being named in the world’s top 20 speakers to keynote your conference by Monocle, a speech by Rachel lingers long after you’ve heard it. Described by clients as a “standout favourite for audiences”, with a “rare and visionary intellect”, she adapts her research on trust and makes it meaningful to a wide range of audiences – from business leaders to students, and from politicians to parents. More Speaking


Rachel loves to teach people about how trust and technology are challenging everything we thought we knew about human relationships. She designed the world’s first M.B.A. course on the collaborative economy and its implications on trust, which she teaches at University of Oxford, Saïd Business School. More Teaching

Media Appearances

A dynamic and thoughtful panel member or interviewee, Rachel has featured in broadcasts on the BBC, CNN, ABC’s Q&A, NPR and more. Rachel will appear in the upcoming documentary  for PBS series First Civilizations on the history of trade. More Media Appearances

Rachel features on ABC’s Q&A panel, discussing how a breakdown in institutional trust is affecting modern Australian society – from businesses to the media – and particularly, why the public’s trust in politicians has plummeted. Watch Here

Trust and Consequences: Our lives are fueled by trust: in our loved ones, our colleagues, our leaders. But how do we cultivate it, and restore it if it's lost? In this NPR episode, Rachel explores our relationship with trust. Listen Here