Ep 02

Maria Konnikova: Poker Face

Has someone ever taken advantage of your trust? Did you ask yourself why you didn’t see it coming? Or have you been wary about trusting people since?

In this fascinating episode, Rachel is joined by Maria Konnikova, the award-winning author and psychology writer, who in 2018 surprised everyone—including herself—by becoming a world-champion poker player.

Maria shares rare insights from her research on con artists for her bestselling book The Confidence Game, explaining what makes us vulnerable to deception, while encouraging us to keep our faith in humanity

  • Hooked by con artists? Learn about the psychology of deception in Maria’s best-selling book The Confidence Game.
  • Look out for the release of her upcoming book The Biggest Bluff where she has promised to reveal the story behind her remarkable and rapid rise from amateur to world-champion poker player.

“The reason that cons work is the thing that makes us human—our ability to be hopeful even when things seem bleak.”

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