Rethink Moments with Rachel Botsman

In each episode, Rachel takes us on a journey to rethink a culturally significant idea or event through the lens of renowned innovators, creators, and leaders. We'll go inside their hearts and minds to lay bare what went right, what went wrong, and what was learned.

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Rethinking Intentions Amy Cuddy

What happens when your intentions are seriously misunderstood? This week’s Rethink Moment is the TED Talk on power posing that became a viral sensation – and made Amy Cuddy a threat to the academic community. Rachel and Amy explore how the world can...
Episode 10

Rethinking Success David Chang

How has the pandemic changed the way we measure success? In this episode of Rethink Moments, Rachel is joined by David Chang – acclaimed chef, Netflix host, bestselling author, and leader of a global restaurant business. David speaks candidly about how...
Episode 9

Rethinking Misogyny Julia Gillard

What happens when one moment defines your career legacy? In this episode of Rethink Moments, Rachel is joined by former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, to unpack how society views female leaders. A decade on from her iconic ‘Misogyny Speech’,...
Episode 8

Rethinking Disruption Paul Vidich

How do you know when it’s time to do something disruptive? In this episode of Rethink Moments, Rachel pulls back the curtain on the critical iTunes agreement that completely transformed the way we listen to music. She’s joined by former music exec Paul...
Episode 7
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In this series, Rachel speaks to the likes of Adam Grant, Fearne Cotton, and Ant Middleton – asking what happens when we confront our trust issues, face our fears, and open our minds to new possibilities.  Trust Issues was recongised as one of the best new podcasts of 2020 by the British Podcast Awards.