“I love unpacking complex ideas that need to be simplified, challenged and fully understood.”

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2 Pages Podcast Podcast 22.09.2021

2 Pages with MBS

Rachel explores two pages from Susan Cain’s Quiet and discusses the importance of uncertainty in building trust.

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Forbes Article 20.09.2020

10 LinkedIn Newsletters Every Professional Needs To Read

“Botsman’s newsletter is full of suggestions about how to put theories she covers into practice. It’s a wonderful accompaniment to a morning cup of coffee,” writes John Hall of Forbes, describing Rachel’s Rethink newsletter.

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WIRED UK Video 07.05.2020

Earning Trust

Who do we trust during a crisis? Now more than ever, we need leaders communicating with clarity, empathy and consistency to earn trust. Rachel Botsman. Rachel is interviewed by WIRED UK Editor-in-Chief, Greg Williams.

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Stylist Article 17.01.2020

6 things 2020 holds for us according to an expert

A new decade is just around the corner, and with it comes a new wave of technology. Here, leading trust expert, author and University of Oxford Trust Fellow Rachel Botsman predicts what 2020 has in store for us, and shares her philosophy on the future…

Photo credit: Rebecca Naen

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Financial Times Podcast 09.01.2019

Trust In the Digital Age

Financial Times innovation editor John Thornhill talks to Rachel Botsman about the evolution of trust in the digital age and why maintaining trust is essential for the technology sector.

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