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Financial Times Podcast 09.01.2019

Trust In the Digital Age

Financial Times innovation editor John Thornhill talks to Rachel Botsman about the evolution of trust in the digital age and why maintaining trust is essential for the technology sector.

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Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast 10.09.2018

Don’t Stop Us Now! Podcast

The labels we are given as children can be hard to shake off. When I was 7, my teacher told me I couldn’t write. I held onto this belief until my 20’s. Hear about the twists and turns in my career in this very honest conversation on Don’t Stop Us Now!

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One Plus One Video 29.08.2018

One Plus One: Rachel Botsman

What are the key moments in our childhood that make who we are today? Rachel shares some of her transformative moments that influenced her research on trust and why she tackles big ideas with Jane Hutcheon on ABCTV.

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How I Work Podcast 29.08.2018

How I Work Podcast

In this How I Work podcast with Amantha Imber, Rachel shares some quirks and tips about how she structures her work day.

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World Economic Forum Video 11.03.2018

Blockchain: What Happens Next?

The price of bitcoin has recently rallied, but at the beginning of February 2018 many predicted its collapse. If these doomsayers prove to be correct, what, if anything, will be its legacy? What becomes of blockchain? Are we in the early days of the internet left to one day wonder how we ever lived without it?

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