A new trust framework is emerging in the collaborative economy, the ‘Trust Stack’.
In the first layer of the Trust Stack, people have to trust that a new idea is safe and worth trying. The next layer is trusting the platform, system or company facilitating the exchange. And the third layer is all about trusting the other user.
For example, to try BlaBlaCar, you have to first be convinced ‘ridesharing’ and getting in a car with a ‘stranger’ is a safe idea. Then you trust the platform will not only weed out the bad apples but will help you fix a problem if something goes wrong. Finally you trust the driver and passengers that you will share a ride with will be good and honest people. That is someone going through the Trust Stack.
Over time, people open up to changing their behaviour the more they ‘live’ in these trust structures, and then eventually regulation and policy adapts to ultimately change a system.